‘Facing the New Challenge’

  • Margaret Thatcher
Part of the Women in Society book series (WOSO)


It is a heartening fact that there are now more older people being looked after in their own homes than ever before. You wouldn’t always think that but it is true. Indeed I think it’s remarkable that 95 out of every 100 retired people live at home, and only 5 in every 100 are in residential and hospital care. And ladies and gentlemen, that couldn’t be achieved without some marvellous voluntary work on the part of organisations like the Women’s Royal Voluntary Services. I go round one Saturday every year before Christmas to the house-bound. I may say that is a day which I enjoy tremendously and learn a great deal from. I know just how much is done to help those people to stay living at home, and I know that the most important thing in their lives is to go on living at home with their own familiar things surrounding them. They’re also so very cheerful. Sometimes they can keep you in absolute stitches with some of the things they tell you about their previous life. This year only one person I saw was under the age of 90. And some of them told me about life in their young days.


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