10 Downing Street

  • Richard E. Neustadt


Few other Americans, if any, have the depth of knowledge and understanding of the British political system, and especially of the inner workings of Whitehall, possessed by Professor Neustadt. He first hit the headlines when President John F. Kennedy after his election in 1960 said publicly that he had been using Neustadt’s book Presidential Power to help him organise the White House. In fact, he had gone further, he had asked Neustadt, after having read his book, to prepare a special memorandum for him with more specific recommendations on not only how to organise the White House, but whom to appoint to the key positions. Neustadt at that time was Professor of Government at Columbia University, but it was in the Truman administration, as an assistant to the president, that he had gained practical, first-hand knowledge about the meaning of presidential power and its application. Later during a year in Oxford, at Nuffield College, he widened his knowledge of government organisation by learning more about the mysteries of the corridors of power in Whitehall.


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