Broken-up Canada and Breaking-up Britain: Some Comparative Lessons in Uneven Development, Regionalism and Nationalism During the Current Crisis

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The unevenness of capitalism never ceases to amaze and confuse. The central unevenness is, of course, the immense wealth and control of the very few, the capitalist class, that is systematically expropriated from the combined labour power of the very many, the working class. Yet this fundamental and structured class-conflictual contradiction in capitalist social relations of production, the sytematic appropriation in social production of the surplus value created by the combined labour power of the many, never occurs straightforwardly. Systematic class exploitation is always actually mixed in with other systematic unevennesses: for example, by ‘gender’, by ‘race’, by ‘region’. No worker, no capitalist, no petty producer, no unemployed person is free from gender, race and region; is unaffected by their impacts.


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