Building Trust in Ex-Estacion

  • Howard Richards
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From Osorno, a paved road runs east towards Argentina, passing through flat, fertile pastures where prosperous farmers of German descent raise prize cattle by modern methods. In the period 1970-3, much of this land was seized by peasants led by militants of the Movement of the Revolutionary Left, an irregular private army that opposed the socialist government of Salvador Allende on the ground that Allende was too moderate. Some historians and political scientists confess that they cannot explain why Allende’s legally-elected government permitted armed activist groups to exist, while those who say they can explain it — the most plausible explanation being that Allende expected the irregulars to defend him against the regular army — disagree with others who also say they can explain it. Whatever the explanation may be, the fact is that these green pastures were once inhabited by tattered peasants living in makeshift shelters decorated with Chilean flags and the red banners of the MRL. The landowners recovered their lands after the coup d’état of 11 September 1973.


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