From 31 August to 3 September 1976, prisoners occupied the maximum security wings at Hull, in protest at the treatment of another prisoner, Martin Clifford. Once the protest was over, prison officers began to victimise and assault those who had taken part. The prisoners’ rights’ organisation, PROP, held an unofficial enquiry. A committee of seven was formed, headed by a senior barrister, and evidence was taken from relatives, friends and ex-prisoners, as well as prisoners still in jail, and whose testimony was smuggled out written on lavatory paper. One account of the beatings read as follows: ‘The screws split up into groups of about four or five and worked their way up and down the line of cells. It was systematic and co-ordinated – either they would charge into a cell, push the prisoner on to the floor and kick him into a corner … or they would drag you out with your arms and legs flailing and hurl you against a wall, landing blows to the head, back, legs and kidneys.’1 In another account, a mother described the treatment received by her son: ‘A few days later he was beaten up again and kicked between the legs; this dropped him to his knees and a pot of urine (not his own) was poured over him.


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