The Purbeck Holiday Campus



This camp is one of many owned by South Coast Holidays Ltd. It was acquired by them in 1970 and for many years it operated at a loss. The directors tried a wide range of ploys in an effort to make the camp more successful. In turn they raised prices to make it more exclusive, lowered the prices together with the tone (going downmarket), advertised extensively and introduced a succession of camp managers. Finally, the board decided to dispose of their ‘white elephant’. A rival company had even got round to the point of making an offer for the site when fate took a hand. The Chairman of the company, Mark Scrivens, was an active Rotarian in neighbouring Bournemouth and during a function arranged for overseas students visiting the town, he discovered some interesting facts. The visitors were generally pleased with their courses but they had mixed feelings about their accommodation. They were living en famille or in bedsitters and most agreed that this was the least satisfactory aspect of their ‘learning package’. They gave the company Chairman food for thought.


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