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Our Beloved Giant, Our King of Men

  • Henriette Corkran


Celebrities and I (1902) pp. 18–30, 106–9. ‘Among Thackeray’s closest friends in Paris [1844] were John Frazer Corkran (d. 1884), his wife, and their five children …. Corkran, a miscellaneous writer and Paris corres-pondent of the Morning Herald, was a genial, impractical, and eccentric Irishman’ (Ray, LPP, ii, 140n). Thackeray continued to see him and his family when they moved to London in the late 1850s and, Corkran having fallen on bad times, he helped him financially (see LPP, iv, 8, 129, 156). He much liked Corkran, whose daughter records (Celebrities and I, p. 110) his saying that ‘When Corkran dies he will go straight to heaven, and all the angels will turn out and present arms to him.’ Henriette (d. 1911), Corkran’s second daughter, wrote a few novels and other miscellaneous books. Another version of her early memories of Thackeray appeared in Temple Bar, lxxxi (1887) 238–41.


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