West German Attitudes

  • Christian Deubner
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In the twenty years since the Community was formed, West Germany has emerged as the undisputed economic superpower of Western Europe whose interests and policies exercise a dominating influence on the character of intra-EEC economic and political relations.1 Other member countries’ development has not kept up, and disparities have widened. This is not new: ever since German unification in 1871 there has been a problem of German predominance in West European economic and political development. But after the division of Germany and the integration of its western part into the European Communities, this problem seemed to have disappeared and has only recently re-emerged in public political debates about intra-EEC relations.2 Thus West German attitudes on southern enlargement policies deserve special attention. In addition, the entry of Greece, Portugal and Spain will widen intra-EEC disparities even more (see Chapter 4); Portugal and Greece on the one hand, West Germany on the other, will constitute extremes which can hardly be reconciled under the roof of common policies of the kind constituting the Community.


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