Mergers and Managerialism

  • Keith Cowling
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Having examined the link between monopolisation and the share of profits in the economy, we now turn to examine the process of monopolisation itself and its apparent impact within a managerial world. It is clear that the post-war period, and especially the late 1960s and early 1970s, have been characterised by a dramatic change in the structure of the capitalist sector of the economy. This has come about via large-scale merger activity, which in Europe at least has been principally horizontal in character — that is, it involved the joining together of corporations to form new giants which dominated specific industries or sectors of the economy (see Aaronovitch and Sawyer, 1975; Hannah and Kay, 1977; Prais, 1976). The situation in the USA was somewhat different since the anti-trust laws largely prohibited horizontal mergers. Merger activity was still commonplace, however, and new giant corporations were formed; these were generally conglomerate in character, although the dominance of these giants in any one market is partly determined by their very size — whether in that specific market or beyond.


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