International Aspects of Accountancy and Finance

  • R. J. Briston


There are many reasons, both practical and theoretical, which might motivate a decision to commence operations in an overseas country. Practical factors might include the creation of import controls or tariff barriers, the level of transport costs, government concessions, nationalistic pressure, all of which would encourage a company to set up production facilities in an overseas market instead of manufacturing in its home country and exporting. The main theoretical argument lies in the field of portfolio theory for it can be shown that geographical diversification of a portfolio is beneficial from the point of view of risk reduction in the same way as industry diversification. Consequently industrial concerns can reduce the volatility of their returns by both geographical and industrial diversification. This section considers the factors which should be taken into account in the appraisal of such operations, the selection of the appropriate method of financing and the problems of control. Finally, some of the problems involved in the spread of multinational companies in recent years are considered.


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