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Some Evidence from Current Research
  • Homa Katouzian
Part of the Macmillan New Studies in Economics book series


Throughout the previous chapters we cited a number of basic economic theories and methods in order to illustrate our arguments, and support our appraisal. In this chapter we shall present some more evidence from the mass of current publications in the learned journals. This is neither a simple nor a pleasant task, since it would inevitably involve a relatively small sample of theoretical articles written by a few contemporary economists. However, these articles have been selected for their contents and methods, which represent the dominant trends in theoretical research and publications. In choosing them there was no prior list of authors or subjects, for we have no quarrel with thinkers, merely with thoughts. The sample consists of two groups of articles. The first group contains some — generally, though not entirely — more substantial articles in terms of length and/or subject-matter than those in the second group; consequently, they have been discussed in greater detail.


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