Human Rights Organisations

  • Marguerite Garling


The human rights lobby in the United Kingdom has never had a strong centre. It is only in the last few years that the label ‘human rights’ has come to be applied, with varying degrees of relevance, to a disparate collection of humanitarian organisations, most of them small, all of them independent, which have campaigned over the years for the recognition of fundamental rights. Indeed, some of them began to do so long before these rights were formulated by the United Nations in its 1948 Universal Declaration (see Appendix). Most, however, are of post-war origin, subsisting on a shoestring until the human rights explosion of the 1970s. And it is only since 1974 that a loose ‘network’ has existed under the aegis of the United Nations Association and the National Council for Social Service, to serve as an informal forum for their widely ranging viewpoints.


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