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The maternal and child health service in a rural area may be very efficient and the health personnel running it may be very kind and understanding, and yet all the people in the area do not come forth to make full use of it. Some will hold back because of shyness, some because they do not wish to be accused of wasting their time by the elders at home and some because they believe more in traditional medicine. Such people who do not make use of a service readily need it the most. Then there is the reckless mother who habitually ignores early symptoms of illness in her child or resists new ideas even after repeated tragedies. She rejects help and yet needs it and it is obvious that the mother and child health service should reach out to such families. This is best achieved by home-visiting. It is surprising to see how a mother who is negative and even occasionally aggressive in a clinic turns out to be very receptive when visited at home and given help with her child.


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