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The principles of good training are based on the accumulated experience of successful teachers and on results that have been obtained from experimental work conducted on classes or individuals. Some people have a prejudice against anything which seems to be theoretical and will be heard to remark : ‘It is all right in theory but how does in work out in practice.’ It is as well, from time to time, to reverse this attitude and enquire : ‘It’s all right in practice, but how does it work out in theory?’ Both attitudes have a proper function in the scientific method. We have seen (p. 60) that long practice by itself may not ‘make perfect’. It is practice assessed, and with results fed back, that makes perfect. Theory and practice should not be regarded as being by their nature in conflict. Sound theory must be looked upon as that which will explain, guide and promote sound practice. If theory does seem to conflict with practice, then one or the other, or both, must be modified.


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