The Thickets and Woods of the Mediterranean Region

  • H. Harant
  • D. Jarry
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With the habitual exaggeration of the people of the Midi, where a hill of 600 m. is a ‘mountain’ or a ‘peak’, a ‘forest’ is often no more than a thicket or the remnants of a wood! For, in spite of its importance in historical times, real forest is rare in this Mediterranean region. The area actually occupied by evergreen oak woodland is trifling as compared to that of its theoretical former extent. Roussillon, Languedoc and western Provence are in the evergreen oak zone, but the vegetation here is very much degraded. In eastern Provence this zone fades out, the holm-oak being mixed with deciduous oak, hornbeam, Aleppo pine and maritime pine. On the one hand Quercus ilex is everywhere dominant; on the other it is everywhere subordinate to pine.


Mediterranean Region Pinus Halepensis Daphne Gnidium Spanish Juniper Rhamnus Alaternus 
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