Letters on the Political Condition of the Gold Coast

  • Henry S. Wilson
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‘Rome was not built in a day;’ the proudest kingdom in Europe was once in a state of barbarism perhaps worse than now exists amongst the tribes chiefly inhabiting the West Coast of Africa; and it is an incontrovertible axiom that what has been done can again be done. If Europe, therefore, has been raised to her present pitch of civilization by progressive advancement, Africa too, with a guarantee of the civilization of the north, will rise into equal importance. The nucleus has been planted; it is just beginning to show signs of life and future vigour; it shoots out legitimate as well as extraneous buds. Political capital is made of the latter by narrow-minded persons; whilst the liberal-minded, with more philosophy and generosity, make ample allowances for these defects, and encourage the legitimate growth. We may well say that the present state of Western Africa is, in fact, the history of the world repeating itself.


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