The Chronic Infective Dermatoses

  • Herbert O. Mackey


The classification of this group of diseases presents much difficulty, and although many attempts have been made, none is quite satisfactory. Perhaps the simplest practical scheme is to consider the various types under two main heads, namely:—
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    The localized forms, which are: verruca necrogenica; primary tuberculosis complex; tuberculosis verrucosa cutis; tuberculosis cutis colliquativa (scrofulodermia); tuberculosis cutis orificialis (tuberculosis ulcerosa) and lupus vulgaris.

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    The hematogenous forms, which are: tuberculosis cutis miliaris acutus; tuberculosis cutis lichenoides (lichen scrofulosorum); tuberculosis cutis follicularis disseminatus, including lupus disseminatus faciei; tuberculosis cutis papulonecrotica; rosacea-like tuberculide (Lewandowsky); erythema induratum; and sarcoidosis.



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