Contributions of Management to Productivity

  • S. Carlson
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What contribution can the management of the individual industrial firms make to the industrialization process, what particular managerial skills need to be developed and what policies should be pursued ? These are our problems. The setting is the following:
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    We shall limit our analysis to the under-developed countries, i.e. to the management problems of the pre-industrialized milieu.

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    We shall examine these problems from the point of view of management itself, and by management we here mean top management. That is, we shall mainly be concerned with the growth problems of the individual firm, and with the management policies related to these growth problems.

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    Furthermore, we shall mainly consider the indigenous industrial firms. Subsidiaries of foreign companies and joint foreign and local ventures will only be brought into the picture with reference to their general influence on management practices. In spite of the fact that they may be of considerable importance for the industrialization process, under certain circumstances, we shall not be able to go into their special problems.



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