Study of the Efficiency of a Small Nation: Switzerland

  • W. A. Jöhr
  • F. Kneschaurek
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The economic potential of various countries can best be compared in terms of their gross domestic products. This has been done in Table I, and the economic potential of Switzerland, so measured, is seen to be very small. If the gross domestic product of Switzerland is taken to equal 100, that of the United States is 4760, of the United Kingdom 950, of Germany 800, and of Belgium 155. Of the countries listed in the Table, only Austria — with an index of 75 — ranges below Switzerland. A number of different considerations suggest that Switzerland’s low economic potential should be reflected in a low level of productivity and welfare. The last two columns of the Table show the contrary.


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  • W. A. Jöhr
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  • F. Kneschaurek
  1. 1.University of St. GallenSwitzerland

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