The Potential for Restraint through an International Charter for FDI

  • Mark A. A. Warner
Part of the Studies on the African economies book series (SAES)


I have been asked to discuss a Charter for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa as means of reducing the perceived risk of investing in Africa. I am ambivalent about the ultimate effect of such a Charter on stimulating much needed FDI in Africa. As a lawyer, I am trained to believe in rule-governed behaviour, so to that end, I have an instinctive reaction that a Charter, any Charter perhaps, is better than no Charter at all, so long as it can provide for predictability and certainty of transactions. As an economist, however, I am more chastened by the knowledge that in the long term, FDI flows are probably more likely to be determined by the size and growth of markets, and other macroeconomic fundamentals.


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