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Consumer Credit Agreements

  • Stephen Judge
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After reading this chapter you will know about:
  1. 1

    the scope of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 with regard to regulated agreements

  2. 2

    the difference between the hire-purchase contract, the conditional sale agreement and the credit sale agreement

  3. 3

    the form and contents of regulated agreements and the consequences of non-compliance

  4. 4

    the protection of the debtor in the form of the right to cancellation and restrictions on the creditor’s right to repossess

  5. 5

    the consequences of termination of the agreement by the debtor or the creditor



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Recommended Further Reading

  1. Sale of Goods and Consumer Credit, A. P. Dobson, 4th edn (Sweet & Maxwell, 1989, reprinted 1993).Google Scholar

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