Dialogue in the Sphere of Religious Broadcasting

  • Dominic Emmanuel


Religious broadcasting is a specialized kind of broadcasting, as are sports, classical music, drama, news and current affairs and so on. It has been established that broadcast communication, especially in the sphere of social broadcasting, is dialogical. The discussion of the nature of Christian religious communication in Chapter 4 showed that while the principles of Christian communication as practised by Jesus and as shown in the documents of the Church were ideally dialogical, it was not the case in the actual practices of Christian communication, or as pointed out more precisely by Michael Traber, in Church communication. We can now examine whether such a problem exists also in the sphere of religious broadcasting. That is to say, after establishing that radio and tv broadcasting in the social sphere is fundamentally dialogical, does one find similar dialogical elements in the sphere of religious broadcasting? Do religious broadcasters treat their audiences as individuals, as persons, in the way they construct their programmes? What model/s do religious broadcasters employ in their broadcasting?


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