In terms of the total surface area, Vietnam is a medium-sized country, ranking 59th among the 200 countries in the world, but in terms of the population, it is a big country, ranking 13th in the world. This has resulted in a very small area per capita, being equal to a sixth of the world average level (0.45 ha), the same as Great Britain, Germany and the Philippines, and ranking 135th among the 200 countries in the world and 9th among ten South East Asian countries. The total land area in 1994 was 33 168 000 ha, of which agricultural land area accounts for 22.2 per cent; forestry land area, 30 per cent; special purpose land area, 3.4 per cent; residential land area, 2.2 per cent; and unused land area, 42.2 per cent.


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