• Martin Harrison
  • Frank McKim
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After completing this chapter you should
  • understand what sources and sensors of light are

  • understand that light exhibits the properties of waves

  • be able to explain reflection in a plane mirror

  • be able to describe images

  • understand the words ‘real’, ‘virtual’, ‘inverted’ and ‘laterally inverted’

  • understand how a change of speed of light leads to its refraction on crossing a surface

  • be able to describe dispersion of white light by a prism

  • be able to explain the critical angle and total internal reflection in glass fibres

  • understand how converging lenses refract light waves

  • be able to construct the image position when light has been reflected at a plane mirror, or passed through a converging lens

  • understand magnification of an image, and be able to measure or calculate its value.


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