Future Developments and Trends

  • Ivor H. Seeley
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Clark (1987) in his RICS presidential address emphasised that the scope for the chartered surveyor to extend his skills, to broaden his services to his clients, and to enlarge his contribution to society has never been greater. Extracts from the promotional literature of three quantity surveying practices are now taken to illustrate the diversity of approaches that are being adopted when offering their services to potential clients, efficiently and quickly and in full understanding of client needs.
  • As the construction industry has become more competitive in price, and contractually aggressive and innovative in its approach, it is necessary for quantity surveyors to provide a group of services that can quickly and efficiently react to ever changing needs, and to provide a cost effective and commercially viable solution for clients.

  • Every successful construction project relies on the essential component of effective budgetary control. This is the central discipline of the professional quantity surveyor, and one which demands accuracy, speed, a thorough understanding of design and construction techniques and an appreciation of the client’s requirements. This core discipline has been developed by combining the human contributions of skill, experience and professionalism with the accuracy and time saving potential of advanced technology, involving total commitment from inception through to completion and commissioning.

  • Quality of quantity surveying service entails meeting clients’ needs, efficiently and effectively, consistently and reliably, through internal quality management systems enhanced by full quality assurance documentation prepared in accordance with the requirements of BS 5750.


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