The California State University, Hayward/Academy of National Economy Joint Master of Business Administration Programme: A Unique Experiment in International Business Education

  • Shyam J. Kamath
  • Donna L. Wiley


The California State University, Hayward-Academy of National Economy (CSUH-ANE) MBA Programme in Moscow has the distinction of being the first American University MBA programme accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) to be established in Russia or, for that matter, in the other republics of the CIS. It was formally established in January, 1993 when the Foundation Programme for preparing Russian students for the MBA programme was started. Ground-work for the programme, however, started well before that date, beginning with the establishment of initial contacts with the Academy of National Economy (ANE) in Moscow in 1990 when five representatives of CSUH visited the USSR for two weeks. The first joint programme between CSUH and ANE was when a group of 26 senior agricultural managers and administrators from Uzbekistan organized and co-ordinated by the ANE were trained at CSUH in 1991.


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  • Shyam J. Kamath
  • Donna L. Wiley

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