Nutrition and the food consumers

  • O. F. G. Kilgour
  • P. D. Riley
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When you have completed this chapter you should be able to:
  • describe the purposes of nutrition

  • describe the different kinds of nutrients and identify their sources

  • perform simple food tests for carbohydrate, lipids and proteins

  • describe dietary balance

  • describe the five stages in the processing of food in animals

  • describe ingestion in fluid feeders, filter feeders and large particle feeders

  • understand how to care for teeth

  • understand digestion in the human alimentary canal

  • describe the sites of absorption in the human alimentary canal

  • describe digestion in herbivorous and carnivorous animals

  • describe the action and effects of decomposers

  • understand the methods of food preservation

  • understand the purpose of food additives


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