The Role of Tenants in Managing Housing

with Wendy Spray
  • Martyn Pearl
Part of the Macmillan Building and Surveying Series book series


A growing body of legislation, policy and practice has been developed within recent years, designed to encourage the active involvement of tenants in the management of social housing. Its motivation has been derived partly from the objective of loosening local authorities’ grip on social housing, and linked partly to the growth in the power of citizens and consumers. It has also mirrored a policy progression within many social housing organisations, recognising the importance of tenant participation in meeting their objectives. This has been particularly true of the inner city where strategies to improve run-down and unpopular estates have depended on empowerment and partnerships with local communities (see Chapter 4). However, despite the establishment of a framework for tenant participation implementation has proved patchy, practical difficulties having emerged both for professionals and tenants themselves alike.


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