Social Work with Adults

  • Helen Cosis Brown
Part of the Practical Social Work Series book series (PSWS)


This chapter covers material relevant for social workers working with lesbians and gay men as adults in their own right, separate from their capacity as carers of children or as offenders. They may, as adults, indeed be carers of children and/or offenders, but here this is not the primary focus. Because in this context the term ‘adult’ is so broad, I have had to be selective in what is covered. There are generic themes that are relevant to all interventions with adults, but in addition there are areas that are particularly relevant to lesbian and gay clients/service users, including mental health, chronic sickness, death and bereavement, physical disability, old age, and learning disabilities (those headings not covered include substance misuse (except briefly under mental health in relation to alcohol) and the assessment of adult carers who are lesbians and gay men). With so much to deal with in one chapter, the intention is to offer pointers or to raise questions for further thought, rather than engage in exhaustive discussions.


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