Social Work and Domestic Violence

  • Siobhan Lloyd


In August 1993 two reports relating to the social work response to violence within the family were discussed at a Scottish social work committee (Grampian Regional Council, 1993). The first recommended approval for the appointment of a senior manager with responsibility for identifying the ‘nature and quantification of the extent of such violence … for a considered strategy to be developed’. A background paper in support of the proposal noted the forms of violence which would be studied if approval was given for the appointment — marital violence between spouses or partners, abuse of elders and ‘some forms of physical abuse of children’. The paper went on to suggest that, as part of the job remit, the post holder would consult with a range of agencies including health and legal professionals, the housing department and voluntary agencies. It did not, interestingly, refer to Women’s Aid at any point in its text, either as a specific point of contact or as an agency with particular expertise and knowledge in the field of domestic violence.


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