A Proposal for A Postgraduate CAD/CAM Course

  • I. I. Esat


The paper describes the philosophy adopted in designing an MSc course in Advanced CAD/CAM where the emphasis is not on the use of commercially available software. The course proposal identifies subjects fundamental to CAD/CAM discipline. It emphasises the fundamentals of design, manufacturing and the role of the computer in integrating these subjects. The course identifies the linkages which make computer based integration possible. The course also places a especial emphasis on developing students’ attitudes. It is argued that courses addressing subject areas of high technology with constantly changing information and material content should place a greater emphasis in developing student’s attitudes to cope with changes. The course offers a balance between selection of subjects fundamental to the CAD/CAM discipline and activities which are expected to develop self-learning style.


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  1. 1.
    I Esat, Advanced CAD/CAM MSc course proposal, Internal Document, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Queen Mary and Westfield College, 1992.Google Scholar

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  • I. I. Esat
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