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Galanin gene expression

  • M. E. Vrontakis
  • I. Schroedter
  • L. A. Gloor
  • H. G. Friesen
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In an attempt to examine the genes which were induced in the rat pituitary by chronic estrogen treatment we identified a cDNA clone which was homologous to the porcine galanin cDNA clone (Rökaeus et al., 1986) indicating that the isolated clone represented the rat galanin precursor. The cDNA sequence of rat galanin isolated from rat pituitary tissue (Vrontakis et al., 1987) was confirmed by Kaplan et al., 1988a, who isolated and characterized cDNA clones encoding rat galanin from a cDNA library prepared from rat hypothalamic tissue.


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  • M. E. Vrontakis
  • I. Schroedter
  • L. A. Gloor
  • H. G. Friesen

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