Under the Greenwood Tree or The Mellstock Quire?

  • Simon Gatrell


Hardy could not, it seems from the title-page, make up his mind what to call his novel. In a 1912 addendum to the preface of 1896 he wrote:

The name of the story was originally intended to be, more appropriately, The Mellstock Quire, and this has been appended as a sub-title since the early editions, it having been thought unadvisable to displace for it the title by which the book first became known.


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  1. 1.
    The leaf is reproduced in facsimile between pp. 112 and 113 of the first volume of Hardy’s autobiography, The Early Life of Thomas Hardy, published under the name of his second wife Florence in 1928. The manuscript itself is in the Dorset County Museum in Dorchester.Google Scholar
  2. It is interesting in this context that in 1912 Hardy added pocket in place of world, a financial for a social distinction.Google Scholar

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