Kommunizm kak real’nost’

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Kommunizm kak real’nost’ (KKR) was published in 1981. An English translation appeared in 1984 under the title The Reality of Communism (TRC). Kommunizm kak real’nost’ is a collection of over one hundred shortish essays on various aspects of Soviet reality, which Zinoviev, however, presents as a theory of Communism as such, quite unperturbed by such questions as whether the Soviet Union is not better described as a system of ‘state capitalism’, whether the Soviet Union can truly be described as socialist, never mind Communist, etc. It is the first of four such volumes of essays to date, all of them prompted by Zinoviev’s real concern at what he perceives to be Western incomprehension of Soviet reality and the threat which Communism poses to mankind. The others are Die Diktatur der Logik (1985) (The Dictatorship of Logic), Die Macht des Unglaubens (1986) (The Power of Disbelief) and Gorbachevizm (1988), which first appeared in French (Le Gorbatchévisme, 1987).


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