Expert Systems, the State-of-the-Art

  • J. C. van Dijk
  • Paul Williams


Expert systems technology emerged from the collaboration of AI research and computer technology. Both are young; and their offspring is new, still in the early stages of its life cycle, and developing very fast. This makes any statement on the state-of-the-art temporary at best. The main factors expected to contribute to further developments in expert systems technology, most of which being bottlenecks currently, are:
  • obviously: aspects of hardware and software;

  • certainly: the developments in techniques for knowledge acquisition and representation;

  • from the point of view of acceptance of the technology: the devel opment and implementation methodology;

  • techniques and methodologies for the validation of expert systems;

  • proven feasibility in application areas.




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  • J. C. van Dijk
  • Paul Williams

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