The Role of Japan in East-West Economic Relations

  • Issei Nomura
Part of the Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies book series


The history of East-West relations (the term used to embrace all aspects of contacts and interchange among countries having very different social, political, and economic systems) has shown that relations in one area have never expanded or shrunk independently from relations in other areas. This is not a matter of theory but the reality of international politics. In the present international environment hopes for an expansion of East-West economic relations are growing because talks on arms reduction and control are being conducted between the East and West, particularly between the United States and the Soviet Union, and their political relations are shifting from confrontation to dialogue. At the same time, East-West economic relations have ceased to be totally dependent on East-West political relations and have become more independent and important. In such a context, the development of East-West economic relations would contribute to the long-term stability of East-West relations in general.


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