Radioimmunotherapy with 90Yttrium—Anti-Idiotype Monoclonal Antibody

  • Barbara A. Parker
  • Samuel E. Halpern
  • Ivor Royston


B cell lymphoma, a monoclonal proliferation of B cells derived from a single transformed cell, expresses surface immunoglobulin (Ig) containing a unique variable (V) region (Fialkow et al., 1973; Levy et al., 1977). Variable region antigenic epitopes that are unique to the Ig molecule are termed private idiotypes (Ids), whereas antigenic epitopes that may be shared among Ig molecules are termed cross-reactive, or shared, Ids. These surface Ig Ids can serve as lymphoma tumor markers and can be chosen to be either tumor-specific in the case of a private Id or tumor-associated in the case of a shared Id.


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  • Samuel E. Halpern
  • Ivor Royston

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