A Semiotic of Dreams: Pragmatic Forks in the Royal Road

  • C. W. SpinksJr


Once upon a time not so long ago in a galaxy not so far away, a young angel of the Tenth order of the Fourth Cherubim, who oversee Sentience in Creation, visited a provincial star. Although the sentience monitors would not call for another visitation from Los, the Universal Artificer in charge of the Fourth, for another 150 years or so, this angel, whose speciality was cultural mitosis, decided to push the inhabitants toward wisdom. The probationary angel did love the creatures, and it decided to drive them a little crazy to start them on the Path. Although a high-risk procedure, his plan would complicate the inhabitants’ consciousness enough that they would gain the perspective capable of leading to Wisdom.


Neurol Triad Pyramid Ghost Clarification 


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