The Myth of Polarity: A Perennial Problem of Semiotics

  • C. W. SpinksJr


A casual reading of the literature of semiotics makes it clear that polarities and binary structures have been fundamental in the study of semiotics, for as Thomas Sebeok has pointed out, ‘the sign is bifacial’ (1976:117). In its very nature, the sign is a dividing, cutting tool which introduces perspective and localises perception about an externalised world through a self-aware perceiver. So from early Greek thought to symbolic logic, from linguistic slot theory to phonetic differences, from information theory to computer codes, from Cartesian and Freudian models of mentality to brain architectonics, and from Saussure to Peirce as the founders of modern semiotics, the binary construct runs like a spoor, marking the trail of the Sign, or at least the trail of the Signer.


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