Kharms’s Play Elizaveta Bam

  • Mikhail Meilakh
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‘Elizaveta Bam was written at the request of the theatre section of OBERIU by section member, D. Kharms’: so runs the wording of the fourth chapter of the article ‘OBERIU’ which is often erroneously referred to as the OBERIU declaration or manifesto.1 Kharms wrote the play in an extremely short time, twelve days in December 1927, especially for the forthcoming OBERIU evening ‘Three Left Hours’ scheduled for the stage of the Leningrad Press Club (House of Print) where the play was in fact put on. The production was by Kharms himself with two fellow-members of OBERIU. To quote the article again, ‘the composition of the show was the work of I. Bakhterev, Bor. Levin and Daniil Kharms’.2 Kharms had already spent two years with these two (Bakhterev was also an artist and the stage designer) working together in the field of the new theatre.


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