• Scientists make discoveries about the universe.

  • From these discoveries evolve new technologies.

  • Utilizing the new technologies, we build new products, services and businesses.

  • Lastly, we shape organizations to run those businesses.

None of these steps can precede the one that goes before and clearly, organizations are the last link in the chain. Newton, for example, made discoveries about the universe. These developed into industrial technologies from which we grew industrial economies, industrially-based corporations and, finally, industrial models of management and organization. Then Einstein and colleagues in his field made new discoveries about the universe. Resultant new technologies are now coming on stream, we are building new businesses, and we do not yet have new models of management and organization. To place ourselves currently, we are moving into new businesses in the new economy. Until they have developed, we are bound to use earlier models of management and organizational forms that, in fact, are no longer appropriate to the new products and services that have emerged.


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