Lucas Girling: New Practices, Old Constraints

  • Jonathan Morris
  • Rob Imrie


The Lucas Girling case study is unique in several respects. First, it is the only British company of the four. Second, it is an old established company which is attempting to introduce a new style of manufacturing organization in old, brownfield locations, in contrast to Sony and Nissan’s greenfield operations in which they have been able to introduce new working practices. Third, and perhaps most important, Lucas are a major UK company and a global multinational employing in the UK more people than either Toyota or Nissan does in Japan. However, it is also essentially a supplier, at least in its major division, automotives. Thus, while it is a major corporation and it has a large network of suppliers and subcontractors, Lucas are caught in the middle of the supply chain between the major automotive OEMs and its own suppliers, and therefore are again unique in this sample.


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