Comparison of Treatment Methods in Strabismic Amblyopia

  • R. M. L. Doran
  • S. Yarde
  • A. Starbuck


A prospective study to compare the relative effectiveness of occlusion and penalisation as the first method of treatment in strabismic amblyopia was carried out at Bristol Eye Hospital between January 1986 and April 1989. At the outset, the working hypothesis was that occlusion with a light-tight occlusion would be more effective than penalisation by optical defocus at a similar dosage in improving acuity in the amblyopic eye. Results of 25 children at one year follow-up showed no clear superiority of either method. Improvement in am-blyopia was strongly correlated with good compliance. Three children treated by penalisation developed reversed amblyopia.


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  • R. M. L. Doran
  • S. Yarde
  • A. Starbuck

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