Strategic Unionism

  • ACTU/TDC Mission to Western Europe


In 1986 the ACTU and Trade Development Council (TDC) jointly funded a fact-finding mission to Sweden, Norway, Austria, West Germany and the United Kingdom. These industrialised economies are similar to the Australian economy in that they are middle-sized and largely incapable of influencing international economic conditions, yet largely subjected to them. The membership of the mission consisted of senior officers of the ACTU and its affiliated unions. It was charged with three terms of reference:
  • To examine the relations of government, unions and business and available tripartite mechanisms in the formulation and implementation of trade and related policy matters.

  • To consider the implications of technology, work organisations, education and productivity for international competitiveness.

  • To evaluate the contribution of union research, education and organisation to union participation in trade related issues.


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