Plastering to Walls — Setting

  • Mel Baker


The finishing plaster that is applied to a floated wall is called the setting coat. If a wall has been floated in sand and cement, the finishing coat will be Sirapite. This cannot be applied on the same day as the floating coat. Finishing coats applied to Browning plasters can, however, be applied the same day. This is because the Browning plaster has a fast set, that is to say it will be hard in 1½ to 2 hours. Sand and cement floating coats are best if set the day after floating. By doing this the floating will not have had a chance to dry out too much, thereby making easier working, but at the same time giving a moderate rate of suction. This is referred to as ‘setting on a green suction’. If the floating coat has been left too long, or appears to be very dry, you must check the rate of suction by applying water to the wall as described for checking backgrounds. Should the wall need wetting down more than can sensibly be done with a water brush, then water can be thrown onto the wall with a cup or empty tin.

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