Kaldor on International Economic Policy


It is a privilege for me to have this opportunity of paying tribute to Lord Kaldor for his immense contributions to the ideals of international cooperation. The very same generosity of spirit that had led him to associate himself with Sir William Beveridge in working on plans for full employment for Britain prompted him also to look far beyond the problems of Britain to the international economic objectives of the United Nations. He was indeed a United Nations man. Not only did he work for the United Nations in many different capacities, but his theoretical writings on world trade, development and the international monetary system as well as the technical assistance missions that he undertook to many different countries made an enormous reputation for him throughout the world, a reputation for trenchant analysis of the world’s ills and for brilliant advocacy of strategies for dealing with them. And his work was invariably permeated by a desire to reduce inequity and inequality in the economic relations among nations as well as in the internal economy of each country, rich or poor, developed or underdeveloped.


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