Sleep and Dream Notebooks

  • George Mills Harper
  • Robert Anthony Martinich
  • Margaret Mills Harper
Part of the Yeats’s Vision Papers book series (YVP)


In Pasadena, California, on 29 Mar 20, Dionertes informed the Yeatses that he did “not really want script here” adding that he “prefer[ed] to use other methods — sleeps”. Writing in a NB recording “various supernatural events since we came to America”, in an entry tentatively dated 28 Mar 20, Yeats described the “New Method”: “George speaks while asleap”. Two months later, in Montreal waiting for passage to England, George explained further: “There was to be a new method. We were to read over sleep accounts & Dionertes would then develop the subject day by day”. Although the Yeatses preserved only four sizeable NBs and a few loose collections (which we have called NBs) recording these phenomena, Yeats suggested in Nov 1928 that there had been more: “Exposition in sleep came to an end in 1920, and I began an exhaustive study of some fifty copy-books of automatic script, and of a much smaller numer of books recording what had come in sleep.”1 Either Yeats’s memory was imprecise or some portions of these visionary materials are lost or misplaced. From the first entries in the “SDNBs”, Yeats and George are actors in a dramatic narrative of their research for the writing of VA. These NBs recording experiences from 28 Mar 20 to 9 July 23 reveal much about their personalities as well as the techniques and findings of their research.


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  • Robert Anthony Martinich
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