The City, Markets and the State

  • David Lazar


This chapter examines the question ‘Do City people believe in the market?’. To what extent do individuals working in the City hold strong pro-market views? Nearly a hundred interviews1 were carried out between mid-February and late-July 1985. Interviewees were asked questions about the issues of privatisation, progressive income tax and state policy on unemployment. Each of these issues explores the views of interviewees about the desirable relationship between the state and the market even though none is explicitly a question about markets. It will be argued in this introductory section that questions about the above issues (privatisation, progressive income taxation, unemployment policy) do tap interviewees’ views about the desirable balance between market processes and state intervention. Furthermore, data presented in the chapter will show how each topic is in effect treated by interviewees as a question about the role of markets as opposed to state intervention.


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