The Capital Market: Normalisation and Development of Financial Intermediaries

  • Francis A. Lees
  • James M. Botts
  • Rubens Penha Cysne


One can view the development of Brazilian capital markets as encompassing four specific but related developments. In a broad sense all four are tied together, and in various ways contributed to the deepening of the financial markets. These four specific developments include:
  1. 1.
    • Legislation of 1964–5

    • Legislation of 1976–7

  2. 2.

    Development of the stock market

  3. 3.
    Promotion of capital market institutions
    • Fiscal incentive funds

    • Pension funds

    • Mutual funds

  4. 4.
    Growth of venture capital activities
    • Debt conversion programme

    • Privatisation programme

    • Encouragement of special venture capital vehicles

We discuss items 1 and 3 primarily in this chapter. Item 2 is discussed in the following chapter. In part we have outlined the activities of short-term mutual funds in Chapter 8.


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  • James M. Botts
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  2. 2.Coopers & LybrandSão PauloBrazil
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