The Ideology of Developmentalism and the Development of the Ideology

  • Celia Szusterman
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The secret agreement with Perón, as well as the manner in which the oil contracts with foreign companies would be negotiated, revealed the neglect of politics understood as an activity directed to reaching compromises amongst competing views and interests, and in which political parties are key actors representing the existing diversity in society. After more than a quarter century in which politics had meant vote rigging, deals amongst leaders disregarding Congress, appeals to the military to ‘save the Nation’, censorship and repression, and the violation of the independence of the judiciary, the style of decision-making preferred by Frondizi and Frigerio did not contribute to heal the wounds in the body politic. The deception and double-dealing, quickly labelled as ‘Machiavellian’, continued the long-standing tradition of transgression of the rules of the political game. The ensuing disillusionment contributed to foster an atmosphere of moral vacuum — deepened by future crises —, an atmosphere in which messianic military governments as well as illegal armed groups would thrive, holding the country for the next quarter of a century in a limbo of arbitrariness, authoritarianism, and sheer hopelessness.


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